The code running on demo.sitetown.dev is a modified version of a website developed for a customer that sells products from a print on demand (POD) provider and other affiliate programs. For demonstration purposes, this website lists Academy Award winning movies from the top six categories for the years from 2013 to 2018.

This site was written using modern techniques and technologies (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js) in combination to provide a solution that permits easy, customizable categorization for products hosted on third-party websites. The solution also improves social media impact with centralized maintenance of all social media links and the associated title, description and image url which facilitates Twitter summary cards with large image. Share any URL from this website on your Twitter or Facebook account or use any of the Tweet or Share buttons on the awards page to see this in action.

Instead of linking to a customized POD product, the links on this demonstration site go to the Amazon listing for each movie. There is one movie from 2018 that links directly to the movie on Netflix. When used to categorize products from a POD provider, the shopping cart and checkout processes are hosted securely on each service provider's servers.

The POD store owner has complete control over their storefront categorization and social media share content without concern about the limitations or capabilities of the POD provider they use to produce their end products.